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Cancellation & Bookings Policy

We cannot refund for any vouchers purchased from us or third parties nor can they be exchanged for cash.

Bookings Policy

Sadly, after thirty years of experience at Mark Swinford Photography, we have to have a strict bookings policy.  We are a family run business and we need to avoid an empty studio at all costs. We go to a lot of trouble (and expense)  to get everything organised, planned, and perfect to give you the very best experience we possibly can.

The deposit required to reserve time in our diary is:

£20 for family, baby and children’s portraits (1-hour commitment)

£30 for Boudoirs, Makeovers and Mini Model Makeovers ( 2-3 hours commitment)

We ask for a minimum of 7 working days notice to change a session or viewing presentation wherever possible so we can offer that time to someone else.

If you give us less than 5 working days notice, we will be unable to refill that slot in our diaries, and you will lose your deposit. We hope you agree this is only fair and decent.

As long as you attend your appointment your deposit will be fully refunded to you at your viewing presentation. It is purely so we can plan ahead, have the right people ready for the appointment and give the best experience possible.

When the client makes a booking into the diary, the studio will dedicate the people & resources required to those times to make sure the client’s experience is perfect.

Diaries are usually booked several weeks in advance. This represents a huge commitment to time, staff resources and equipment/studio space that is required for that appointment. Sadly if someone fails to attend that slot or cancels without giving much notice it is impossible to re-fill that time in the diary.

Any appointments that do not take place are times that someone else would have loved to attend and have their images created or viewed so please be mindful of them and help us offer them an excellent service too.

Booking Fees
We reserve the right to keep any reservation fee paid if any booked appointment is cancelled less than 48 hrs before its due to take place or that the client fails to arrive to any booked appointment.

Cancellation or non-payment of orders
Once a deposit has been paid, this then confirms acceptance of the order which cannot be cancelled at any time due to the bespoke nature of our products.

If the client has money outstanding and fails to collect the goods, we reserve the right to collect full payment either directly or via a debt collection company. The client will be liable for all additional costs.